The Hales

Forrestfield, WA

The Hales is a leafy estate nestled in the heart of Forrestfield. Located 15km east of the Perth CBD within the Shire of Kalamunda, this development benefits from the proximity to numerous employment centres, existing community amenities, public transport and major road infrastructure.

Designed with modern liveability in mind, The Hales will feature quality public open spaces, with all houses centred around a generous strip of parkland. The Hales is designed to retain the natural features of the site; built around existing native Marri and Jarrah trees and the trickling waters of Crumpet Creek.

The estate also benefits from existing facilities nearby including the Darling Range Sport College and Hillside Christian College, and the nearby Forrestfield Forum Shopping Centre. 418 homes are planned for The Hales, offering connected living in an established community.

Stage 1B can be viewed at Gala Way, Forrestfield.

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Land for sale in The Hales

Address Size Price Status Match
880 Evergreen Grove, FORRESTFIELD 6058375m2$280000listedMatch
943 Evergreen Grove, FORRESTFIELD 6058285m2$230000listedMatch
826 Crimson Boulevard, FORRESTFIELD 6058470.83m2$299000listedMatch
829 Crimson Boulevard, FORRESTFIELD 6058466.02m2$303000listedMatch
845 Pistacia Road, FORRESTFIELD 6058438.99m2$290000listedMatch
892 Anther Approach, FORRESTFIELD 6058450.8m2$295000listedMatch
939 Evergreen Grove, FORRESTFIELD 6058312.5m2$254000listedMatch
941 Evergreen Grove, FORRESTFIELD 6058306.25m2$245000listedMatch
910 Evergreen Grove, FORRESTFIELD 6058375m2$280000listedMatch
945 Evergreen Grove, FORRESTFIELD 6058285m2$230000listedMatch
937 Evergreen Grove, FORRESTFIELD 6058312.5m2$249000listedMatch
891 Anther Approach, FORRESTFIELD 6058375m2$280000listedMatch
852 Pistacia Road, FORRESTFIELD 6058478.5m2$320000listedMatch
952 Evergreen Grove, FORRESTFIELD 6058318.17m2$225000listedMatch
951 Evergreen Grove, FORRESTFIELD 6058285m2$225000listedMatch
950 Evergreen Grove, FORRESTFIELD 6058342m2$260000listedMatch
949 Evergreen Grove, FORRESTFIELD 6058342m2$260000listedMatch
948 Evergreen Grove, FORRESTFIELD 6058342m2$260000listedMatch
947 Evergreen Grove, FORRESTFIELD 6058342m2$260000listedMatch
886 Anther Approach, FORRESTFIELD 6058312.5m2$249000listedMatch
885 Anther Approach, FORRESTFIELD 6058312.5m2$244000listedMatch