Suffolk Park Private Estate

Caversham, WA

Suffolk Park is a well-planned, community-focused estate committed to nurturing the values of modern family living.

Attractive landscaped streetscapes and open spaces will give you a sense of security and the peace of mind that you have bought into something really special.

Here, living well is easy with integrated neighbourhoods; walk and cycle ways connecting homes and parks; and exercise facilities for all to enjoy, all the time. Suffolk Park will become the epitome of good health, physical activity and a strong family community!

Surrounding Suffolk Park are all the Swan Valley favourites - wineries and country gardens, microbreweries and art galleries; local food and wine at cafes and restaurants; or shopping at farmers markets. There's also Caversham Primary School, the Spring Shopping Centre, and the larger retail and business centres of Midland and Guildford.

Suffolk Park - it's freedom at its best and it's where the Swan Valley comes to life!

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Land for sale in Suffolk Park Private Estate

Address Size Price Status Match
1399 Greenfield Crescent, Caversham 6055398m2$301000listedMatch
1436 Greenfield Crescent, Caversham 6055372m2$294000listedMatch
1440 Greenfield Crescent, Caversham 6055364m2$294000listedMatch
2137 Lexington Promenade, Caversham 6055233m2$244000listedMatch
2153 Waldeck Road, Caversham 6055233m2$239000listedMatch
2154 Waldeck Road, Caversham 6055233m2$239000listedMatch
2156 Waldeck Road, Caversham 6055233m2$239000listedMatch
1281 Betterton Road, Caversham 60552002m2$509000listedMatch
1458 Hallam View, Caversham 6055454m2$310000listedMatch
1514 Endell Way, Caversham 60552011m2$509000listedMatch
1515 Endell Way, Caversham 60552002m2$509000listedMatch
1546 Kemble Way, Caversham 6055474m2$335000listedMatch
1547 Kemble Way, Caversham 6055375m2$295000listedMatch
1548 Kemble Way, Caversham 6055375m2$295000listedMatch
1551 Kemble Way, Caversham 6055375m2$295000listedMatch
1552 Kemble Way, Caversham 6055375m2$295000listedMatch
1553 Kemble Way, Caversham 6055375m2$295000listedMatch
1482 Plender Road, Caversham 6055449m2$325000listedMatch
1485 Plender Road, Caversham 6055375m2$289500listedMatch
1486 Plender Road, Caversham 6055375m2$289500listedMatch
1519 Waldeck Road, Caversham 6055432m2$324000listedMatch
1520 Waldeck Road, Caversham 6055420m2$320000listedMatch
1521 Waldeck Road, Caversham 6055420m2$320000listedMatch
1522 Waldeck Road, Caversham 6055420m2$320000listedMatch
1523 Waldeck Road, Caversham 6055420m2$320000listedMatch
1524 Waldeck Road, Caversham 6055420m2$320000listedMatch
1525 Waldeck Road, Caversham 6055410m2$320000listedMatch
1526 Waldeck Road, Caversham 6055420m2$320000listedMatch
1527 Waldeck Road, Caversham 6055420m2$320000listedMatch
1528 Waldeck Road, Caversham 6055407m2$295000listedMatch
1530 Simcoe Way, Caversham 6055375m2$290000listedMatch
1533 Simcoe Way, Caversham 6055375m2$290000listedMatch
1534 Simcoe Way, Caversham 6055375m2$290000listedMatch
1535 Simcoe Way, Caversham 6055375m2$290000listedMatch
1536 Simcoe Way, Caversham 6055375m2$290000listedMatch
1537 Simcoe Way, Caversham 6055375m2$290000listedMatch
1538 Simcoe Way, Caversham 6055375m2$290000listedMatch