St Leonards Private Estate

Dayton, WA

Welcome to St Leonards Private Estate

Finding new land available for development in Perth's northern corridor is becoming increasingly difficult. And premium land that's as close to the Perth CBD as St Leonards - and as affordable - is very rare indeed.

Located at the gateway to the Swan Valley, St Leonards is just 20 minutes from the Perth CBD and close to both Guildford and Midland. All you need is within easy reach - parks, playgrounds, a primary school, sporting fields, shopping centres and a planned central plaza - all features integral to the growth and well-being of the community.

St Leonards evokes civic pride with tree lined streets, pedestrian walkways and cycle ways linking homes to beautifully landscaped parks representing a contemporary urban feel in the wonderful surrounds of the Swan Valley.

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Land for sale in St Leonards Private Estate

Address Size Price Status Match
2158 Noir Way, Dayton 6055357m2$288000listedMatch
2161 Noir Way, Dayton 6055357m2$288000listedMatch
2411 Turquoise Chase, Dayton 6055297m2$265000listedMatch
2382 Azure Lane, Dayton 6055203m2$189000listedMatch
2337 Azure Way, Dayton 6055301m2$257000listedMatch
2335 Azure Way, Dayton 6055301m2$301listedMatch
2333 Azure Way, Dayton 6055301m2$257000listedMatch
2331 Azure Way, Dayton 6055301m2$257000listedMatch
2329 Azure Way, Dayton 6055301m2$257000listedMatch
2327 Azure Way, Dayton 6055301m2$257000listedMatch
2373 Lord Street, Dayton 6055270m2$205000listedMatch
2372 Lord Street, Dayton 6055237m2$188000listedMatch
2371 Lord Street, Dayton 6055238m2$188000listedMatch
2375 Topaz Road, Dayton 6055225m2$188000listedMatch
2377 Topaz Road, Dayton 6055225m2$188000listedMatch
2382 Azure Way, Dayton 6055203m2$189000listedMatch
2385 Azure Way, Dayton 6055261m2$235000listedMatch
2348 Azure Way, Dayton 6055306m2$257000listedMatch