Sienna Wood

Hilbert, WA

Discover the endless natural beauty of Sienna Wood in Hilbert. For lovers of the great outdoors, Sienna Wood is a mecca of walking trails, bush hikes, parks and playgrounds. Together with great connectivity to Perth City, residents embrace the best of both worlds in this urban oasis.

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Land for sale in Sienna Wood

Address Size Price Status Match
1481 Avalanche Loop, Haynes 6112157.5m2$135000listedMatch
1486 Avalanche Loop, Haynes 6112166.922m2$157000listedMatch
2188 MacIntyre View, Hilbert 6112263.112m2$167500listedMatch
2177 Bloomfield Drive, Hilbert 6112212.767m2$175500listedMatch
2163 Langton Way, Hilbert 6112273.246m2$185000listedMatch
2186 MacIntyre View, Hilbert 6112215.9m2$179500listedMatch
1475 Avalanche Loop, Haynes 6112189.47m2$159000listedMatch
1473 Avalanche Loop, Haynes 6112126m2$160500listedMatch
2192 Astoria Boulevard, Hilbert 6112255m2$155000listedMatch
2179 MacIntyre View, Hilbert 6112273.36m2$196000listedMatch
2161 Langton Way, Hilbert 6112350m2$209000listedMatch
1466 Avalanche Loop, Haynes 6112273.36m2$188500listedMatch
1464 Avalanche Loop, Haynes 6112273.36m2$188500listedMatch
1471 Avalanche Loop, Haynes 6112273.36m2$186500listedMatch
1502 Boatwright Avenue, Haynes 6112273.36m2$183000listedMatch
1470 Avalanche Loop, Haynes 6112273.36m2$188500listedMatch
1505 Boatwright Avenue, Haynes 6112350m2$208500listedMatch