Sanctuary Rise at Hillbank

Hillbank, SA

Be amongst the few to reach for the sky at Sanctuary Rise, Hillbank.
Sanctuary Rise is set to become the most prestigious new Northern address.
Set amongst an impressive backdrop of rolling hills and surrounded by nature with breathtaking views to the ocean, Sanctuary Rise is truly a place like no other.

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Land for sale in Sanctuary Rise at Hillbank

Address Size Price Status Match
3 Serenity Way, Hillbank 5112450m2$212900listedMatch
6 Serenity Way, Hillbank 5112729m2$259900listedMatch
8 Serenity Way, Hillbank 5112445m2$212900listedMatch
11 Vista Court, Hillbank 5112545m2$219900listedMatch
12 Vista Court, Hillbank 5112566m2$212900listedMatch
13 Vista Court, Hillbank 5112525m2$204900listedMatch
15 Vista Court, Hillbank 5112600m2$249900listedMatch
17 Serenity Way, Hillbank 5112420m2$209900listedMatch
18 Serenity Way, Hillbank 5112420m2$209900listedMatch
19 Serenity Way, Hillbank 5112475m2$214900listedMatch
53 Lomandra Crescent, Hillbank 5112450m2$212900listedMatch
54 Lomandra Crescent, Hillbank 5112390m2$209900listedMatch
55 Lomandra Crescent, Hillbank 5112390m2$199900listedMatch
56 Lomandra Crescent, Hillbank 5112450m2$209900listedMatch
58 Lomandra Crescent, Hillbank 5112638m2$234900listedMatch
60 Highview Drive, Hillbank 5112450m2$209900listedMatch
61 Highview Drive, Hillbank 5112488m2$209900listedMatch
62 Hillbank Drive, Hillbank 5112600m2$249900listedMatch
63 Hillbank Drive, Hillbank 5112468m2$212900listedMatch
64 Hillbank Drive, Hillbank 5112459m2$212900listedMatch
65 Hillbank Drive, Hillbank 5112450m2$219900listedMatch
66 Hillbank Drive, Hillbank 5112632m2$229900listedMatch
67 Hillbank Drive, Hillbank 5112630m2$239900listedMatch
68 Hillbank Drive, Hillbank 5112600m2$249900listedMatch
69 Hillbank Drive, Hillbank 5113576m2$212900listedMatch
71 Hillbank Drive, Hillbank 5115577m2$214900listedMatch
72 Hillbank Drive, Hillbank 5116637m2$224900listedMatch
73 Highview Drive, Hillbank 5117843m2$294900listedMatch
74 Highview Drive, Hillbank 5118921m2$294900listedMatch
76 Highview Drive, Hillbank 5120450m2$214900listedMatch
77 Highview Drive, Hillbank 5121540m2$219900listedMatch
78 Highview Drive, Hillbank 5122605m2$234900listedMatch
79 Highview Drive, Hillbank 5123624m2$229900listedMatch
80 Highview Drive, Hillbank 5124561m2$224900listedMatch
82 Highview Drive, Hillbank 5125550m2$234900listedMatch
88 Highview Drive, Hillbank 5126450m2$214900listedMatch
89 Highview Drive, Hillbank 5127450m2$214900listedMatch
92 Highview Drive, Hillbank 5128450m2$214900listedMatch
93 Highview Drive, Hillbank 5129390m2$209900listedMatch