Wandi, WA

Upsizers, downsizers, first-home-buyers, singles, couples, families and retirees - everyone loves Honeywood.

Attracted by the network of beautiful landscaped parks, great masterplanned design and an imaginative mix of housing options, residents are building one of the most vibrant new communities south of Perth. Only 7 kms from the Cockburn shopping centre that has range of different restaurants and shops.

Just 30 minutes from both Perth and Fremantle by train, and only 5 minutes drive to the Aubin Grove rail station, Honeywood gives homebuyer's a chance to build a life with a perfect balance of nature and the city. Recently won the Urban Development Institute of Australia - Award for Excellence- 2017 winner

At Honeywood the natural world is part of the community. At present we are offering $10K Building bonus and a free SONO's sound system with any block of land that is purchased.

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Land for sale in Honeywood

Address Size Price Status Match
2401 Cycad Retreat, WANDI 6167187.5m2$160000listedMatch
2325 Coomallo Boulevard, WANDI 6167319.66m2$220000listedMatch
2261 Lyon Road, WANDI 6167513m2$325000listedMatch
2334 Saltbush Street, WANDI 6167375m2$268000listedMatch
2335 Saltbush Street, WANDI 6167356.92m2$250000listedMatch
2263 Lyon Road, WANDI 6167508.2m2$325000listedMatch
2264 Lyon Road, WANDI 6167450m2$305000listedMatch
2265 Lyon Road, WANDI 6167450m2$305000listedMatch
2266 Lyon Road, WANDI 6167450.3m2$305000listedMatch
2267 Lyon Road, WANDI 6167451.5m2$305000listedMatch
2268 Sida Street, WANDI 6167419.44m2$280000listedMatch
2269 Sida Street, WANDI 6167417.59m2$285000listedMatch
2407 Sida Street, WANDI 6167375m2$265000listedMatch
1383 Nepine Vista, WANDI 6167374m2$247000listedMatch
2363 Cordata Avenue, WANDI 6167225m2$180000listedMatch
2381 Yakka Way, WANDI 6167390.21m2$235000listedMatch
2382 Turnix Street, WANDI 6167407.12m2$230000listedMatch
2405 Cycad Retreat, WANDI 6167529.81m2$283000listedMatch
2293 Coomallo Boulevard, WANDI 6167340.82m2$245000listedMatch
2323 Coomallo Boulevard, WANDI 6167281.25m2$210000listedMatch
2326 Nepine Vista, WANDI 6167373.66m2$249000listedMatch
1381 Nepine Vista, WANDI 6167371m2$249000listedMatch
2339 Sida Street, WANDI 6167315m2$219000listedMatch
2337 Sida Street, WANDI 6167375m2$265000listedMatch
2348 Sida Street, WANDI 6167450m2$305000listedMatch