Eglinton, WA

Located in the growing suburb of Eglinton, just north of Alkimos and the Butler Train Station and only 20 minutes from Joondalup city centre, Allara is fast becoming a vibrant, sustainable coastal community that cleverly integrates affordable living with active open spaces including Kinkuna Park, and easy access to shops, schools and transport.

In Allara your living space will extend far beyond the boundaries of your front yard. Get ready for morning trips to the beach, sunny afternoon picnics and twilight strolls through surrounding parklands.

Land for sale in Allara

Address Size Price Status Match
234 Glisten Chase, EGLINTON 6034530.36m2$219000listedMatch
294 Luminous Crescent, EGLINTON 6034355m2$155000listedMatch
172 Impressions Drive, EGLINTON 6038225m2$133000listedMatch
340 Impressions Drive, EGLINTON 6038303.22m2$150000listedMatch
342 Impressions Drive, EGLINTON 6038375m2$185000listedMatch
343 Impressions Drive, EGLINTON 6038375m2$185000listedMatch
344 Impressions Drive, EGLINTON 6038300m2$158000listedMatch
481 Dazzle Road, EGLINTON 6038405.96m2$160000listedMatch
505 Dazzle Road, EGLINTON 6038450m2$216000listedMatch
483 Splendor Avenue, EGLINTON 6038348.04m2$175000listedMatch
482 Splendor Avenue, EGLINTON 6038391.46m2$160000listedMatch
479 Dazzle Road, EGLINTON 6038375m2$190000listedMatch
295 Equinox Avenue, EGLINTON 6034404m2$175000listedMatch
250 Glisten Chase, EGLINTON 6034375m2$189000listedMatch