178 Malachite Road, Byford WA 6122 POA
460 sqm
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Regal Front Parking by WA Housing Centre
191 sqm
Bravo by Goodlife Homes
236 sqm
Sundowner by Goodlife Homes
178 sqm
The Cape by Start Right Homes
183 sqm
Ultimate Ruby by Homebuyers Centre
118 sqm
Panorama by Goodlife Homes
195 sqm
Magnum Opus by Goodlife Homes
216 sqm
The Ashbrook by WA Housing Centre
140 sqm
The Sitella by WA Housing Centre
134 sqm
The Leeuwin by WA Housing Centre
217 sqm
The Rapids Landing by Plunkett Homes
177 sqm
The Parker Mark II Start Right Homes
184 sqm
The Bravo by Redink Homes
188 sqm
The Titan by Domain Homes
228 sqm
The Bay Mark II by Start Right Homes
214 sqm